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Healthy Love Wealthy Life

I am a Healthy Loving Gentleman
whose Fulfilling Life can only be
surpassed by my Wealth of
Wisdom & Good Deeds.

KEN DUIT is more than my name; it’s my way of life. I’m guided by my Passion of Doing Good and driven by my Purpose of Being Better.

I’m doing good by always striving to be as compassionate as I can.  I do it for Myself, our Family, our Community, and our Society.

My goal is to enhance relationships and enrich resources to make a positive difference in the lives of those I know.  I may not be able to help everyone, but I’ll sure do my best.

What’s important to me is the Deeds I Do, the Gifts I Give, the Memories I Make, and the Legacies I Leave.  I will Persist, Prepare, Produce, and Prosper.

I believe that business is where I can do the most good.  And because I value relationship and embrace collaboration, success is much easier and more rewarding.

I look forward to being of service to you.  So please share with me what is important to you, and together we can determine how I or someone better suited can help you.

If not now, perhaps later, if ever you face a challenge or the desire to make things better, you can contact me through any of the ways below.


I’m so blessed to have been born into a wonderful loving family.  Our family was fortunate to be able to emigrate from Vietnam to the US when I was 10.  I was lucky to have had many great teachers, and have traveled to many places within the country.  In high school, I learned French, Spanish, and a little Japanese and German (unfortunately, most of which I have forgotten).  I was in Upward Bound, and on the wrestling team and the US FIRST Robotics team.

In college, I started a Table Tennis club and was one of the Vice Presidents for Alakai Jaycees.  My proudest achievement was being able to get my Bachelor Degree within 18 months of graduating from high school, through hard work, by attending one college and two universities at the same time.  Unfortunately, I was doing it for a piece of paper and didn’t actually learn much.  I struggled in Grad school, and got kicked out right before completing my last class and my professional paper.

I guess between doing real estate and trying to revive a failing restaurant that I just bought with my family’s hard earned money, I just didn’t have what it takes.  I didn’t know what I was doing; I had fun, but had to sell the restaurant after just 11 months at a great loss.  In that same year, I got married, had a baby, and got out of real estate and into insurance.  I didn’t have much success and ended up driving taxi for a living on and off for a few years.

Surprisingly, through everything that I’ve done, from selling knives, to working with a few different multi-level marketing companies, to real estate sales and investing, to interpreting and translating, to running a coffee shop/food counters/dance club, to operating a grocery store, to managing a group of handymen, to delivering groceries, to cleaning carpets, to delivering phone books, to spray painting, to making balloons for kids on the street of Waikiki and Santa Monica, to doing  door to door survey, to selling used electronics, to doing paperwork, to creating a digital sign network, to making websites, and to providing marketing services, driving taxi had made me the most money.

Fortunately, after so many years of flopping around and struggling financially, I finally figured out what I can do to support myself, my family, and my foundation that I started in 2003, called URYIB | Serving Society.


Currently for money, I make videos, and for fun, I help others.  I haven’t done anything major, but I do jump at most opportunity to lend someone in need a helping hand.  As for videos, make them for as little as $299 with turnarounds as fast as 1 hour.  Below are samples of my work:

I believe Video Production and Video Marketing complement each other, because a good video doesn’t do much if no one sees it, but on the other hand, getting many views on a bad video could do a lot of damage.

Therefore, I strive to produce videos that deliver the desired message and effectively reach the target market.  Fortunately, I’ve been getting Google First Page Ranking for most of the businesses that I work with.

Below are some keywords (in random order) that my videos are ranking on page 1 or page 2 of Google.  Please note, BESTinfo is one of my YouTube channels, and some videos are ranked using clients’ channels:


In the very near future, I’ll be launching four platforms.  The first is, where we capture and archive events through out our community to help support and make the most out of all the great work that’s being done within our community.  We’ll also be featuring life lessons and blessings from members of our community to share appreciation and encourage growth.  Additionally, we’ll feature the Best of the Best to inspire improvement.  On top of that, we’ll recognize Acts of Kindness to cultivate compassion.

The second is, where we SEARCH for available Resources and SHARE our Findings with You to help You SAVE Time, Energy, Money, and More while utilizing what’s gained to SUPPORT our Community. We do it all at no cost to you, because we believe you deserve all the BESTS, and to ensure our objectivity, there’s no paid advertising, upgrades, nor fees whatsoever.

The third is, where we …

The forth is, where we …


Before I pass, I hope to make URYIB | Serving Society a self sustaining and flourishing entity.  To ensure that this happens, I’m seeking all the help I can get.  So if you have any advice, suggestions, or feedback, please reach out to me.  I’m grateful for all the help given.


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